How to take Proper Care of the Leather Seats of your SEAT Car

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Leather seats are like a cherry on the top of your luxury car. But if you can’t take proper care of them, they might be a completely downright gross. This is even more applicable to premium cars like Seat. Since leather is a natural substance, it is subject to cracking and fading due to heat and sunrays. Practicing regular maintenance can significantly extend the leather life while keeping the car look like a brand new one. And the key steps to maintain the leather car seat are deep cleaning and conditioning. Take your Seat to a Seat Servicing in Kingston and ask the technician to do the needful regarding this.

Let’s see how you can follow these steps properly to keep up with the health of the seats of your Seat car.

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Deep Cleaning

  • Vacuum up – This is the first and foremost step of deep cleaning. Start the cleaning process by vacuuming up the loose dirt and debris. If you have not cleaned the seats for a while, they are likely to pick up these unwelcome travellers. Cleaning the seats sans removing them would just rub those dirt and debris around. So be careful about following this step. This process applies uniformly for all types of car.
  • Use Leather Cleaner – Spray any leather cleaner of your choice onto the seat surface and use a soft brush to agitate the problem areas gently. The most common problem spots are creases and areas that routinely come into contact with the hair and skin. If you own a Seat car, you know how sensitive the seats are. So be careful about implementing this step.
  • Wipe the Areas – To wipe the cleaned areas, use a dry clean microfibre towel or cloth that can wipe away extra moisture. However, the seats will remain damp somehow until they are being coated. Better you leave the seats for 1 to 24 hours depending on the climate to get them dried. Unless you let the seats dry, it may cause bad smell and grow molds eventually.


  • Use Leather Conditioner – Now it comes to applying right leather conditioner on the seats of your car, uniformly and generously. But don’t pool it up in any specific area to ensure even coverage. A branded leather conditioner will keep the seats moist and that obviously prevents any sort of cracking even under exposure to sunrays. For any top quality car like a Seat car, it is a must. Proper conditioning also provides protection against harmful UV rays and maintains colour of the leather as well as gives it a fresh look.
  • Wipe the Seats dry – To wipe the conditioned areas, use a clean and dry microfibre towel or cloth that can wipe away extra conditioner followed by wiping to make it fully dry. Spending a couple of minutes to follow this step just once in every 3 to 6 months is sufficient. This also ensures that the seats will last longer.

As it comes to taking care of car seats of any premium make and model, you just can’t deny the importance of its safety concerns and installation. In more than 90 percent cars, the seats are installed improperly. It is always better to get seat installation done by an authorised technician. For example, being an owner of a Seat car, take your car to Seat specialists in Kingston to safely install the seats. They are the right professionals to ensure proper installation of car seats which is utmost important to have a safe ride. Proper installation of seats is even more important if you often ride with your children and/or elderly parents.

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