How To Spot Common Exhaust System Problems In Your Car: 4 Tips

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Do you know that the exhaust system of your car is much more significant than you think? Well, the exhaust system is a crucial part of running any vehicle. And, once a vehicle starts experiencing exhaust issues, they must be identified and dealt with quickly. Wondering what these exhaust issues are and how to recognise them? Keep reading.

Your car’s exhaust system is the only medium of transferring poisonous gases produced by the engine. Additionally, the exhaust system cools down the engine, reduces noise created by the engine and cleans the air exiting tailpipes. If the issues in your exhaust system are not fixed in time, fumes can leak into the cabin. Since extended exposure to fumes can be detrimental to health, identifying and dealing with the issues quickly is essential.

Check out the handy guide below to learn how to recognise exhaust problems.  

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Useful Tips To Identify The Most Common Exhaust Issues In Your Vehicle 

  1. Use Your Nose To Smell Burning 

Even though carbon monoxide is odourless, other gases which come out of the tailpipe aren’t. If you notice any exhaust smell in the cabin, a leak is likely there somewhere. When you start to smell burning, the chances are that the gasket has failed. Anything made up of plastic may burn owing to the heat of exhaust gases, causing the smell. So, you should take your car to a reputed garage and get it checked by reliable Audi specialists in Wimbledon

  1. Listen For Odd & Strange Sounds 

If you find the engine of your car becoming overly noisy, consider it as the indication of an exhaust issue. It is safe to assume that something is wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust if you notice any rattling or thumping. Early identification is vital since it can be the difference between replacing a small part or the entire system.

  1. Watch Out For Signs While Driving Your Car 

There are certain signs which you can look for while driving your vehicle. Two common signs that you have a blocked off exhaust system are- reduced gas mileage and loss of performance. When the engine works harder to push the exhaust out of the cylinder, it has less power to give to the wheels. Also, blocked off exhausts can cause the vehicle to run hotter than usual.

  1. Inspect Mufflers 

Ensure the mufflers have no dents since dents can cause trouble with the airflow. Besides, the muffler is regarded as one of the most susceptible parts of getting damaged from rust. Even though surface rust is normal, rust which has penetrated inside is very harmful. So, you must opt for Seat Servicing in Wimbledon to get the muffler replaced or cleaned.

Time to get the ideal solution for your exhaust problem!


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