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Since the build and design of your Audi are great, you can expect a new car to run smoothly for years with only a bit of maintenance. But its performance starts deteriorating with the passage of time. This is exactly when you have to take your expensive car to an Audi specialist for servicing. There are numerous of them scattered all over Wimbledon, make sure that the one you are approaching is experienced and reliable. Only the right professional can share with you a few maintenance tips so that enhancing the lifespan of the vehicle becomes easier.

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4 Maintenance Tips By Audi Specialists In Wimbledon To Save Your Car Parts

  • Engine

Austin specialists always suggest car owners to change the seals, on-rings and snub mount while they are servicing the timing belt. This is primarily because they can gain easy access to those components. You can know the code number of your engine either by using your VIN or by removing the block cover of the engine. Mechanics take off the splash pan during car servicing to check whether there is a leak in the water pump. A coolant trail will run from the pump to the engine if there’s a leakage.

  • Steering And Suspension

Approach the right Audi specialists in Wimbledon and you don’t have to worry about your Audi steering and suspension. If the pitch of the humming sounds changes at different speeds, it is an indication sign that the wheel bearing needs replacement. Keep the speed of your car between 25 to 35 kmph. If you notice that the low humming sound is changing into a high pitch sound as you increase the speed, changing the wheel bearing will be necessary. Don’t forget to flush the power steering fluid after every 30000 miles if you live in a hot climatic area.

  • Brake

You can use your VIN number to know the brake code or just remove the wheel and have a look at the rotor for the part number. It is always advisable to change the brake fluids after every 3 years or after your car has covered 30000 km. Negligence to do so will waste your time and money as you have to change the brake fluids every time you are replacing the brake pads or rotor. Another way to know whether the rotors or front brakes need replacement is when you notice the Audi brake pad warning light.

  • Transmission And Driveline

Take your car for Audi servicing in Wimbledon if the shifting issue doesn’t resolve even after the transmission fluid and filter have been replaced. Have a look at the owner’s manual or on the tyre well for the Vehicle Identification Label and you can find the transmission code. If you are willing to save a few bucks, replace the outer CV joints instead of the entire drive shaft as the joints experiences more wear.

Follow the maintenance tips stated above and hire Audi specialists if you want to enhance the lifespan of your car.

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