The cars from Skoda are fabulously crafted and engineered, but it needs considerable attention and a proper maintenance schedule for the complicated equipment and critical issues. These will ensure that your car runs smoothly and offer excellent fuel efficiency. It will also help you to maintain the value of the vehicle so that you can secure the best resale price.  Here are the three crucial mistakes put together, which you must avoid during the maintenance of the car or opting for car servicing.

Top 3 Mistakes Everyone Should Ignore While Planning a Maintenance Agenda for a Skoda Car

Missing out on checking the pressure of the car tyres

It is vital to check the car tyres ‘pressure at regular intervals. You must put a keen eye on examining if your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. A flat tyre can stand out to be a safety hazard. On the other hand, if the tyre is not correctly inflated, then it will cost you more fuel to run the car, and that would be undoubtedly heavy on your wallet. Check for the correct range of tyre pressures in the owner’s manual and then use a pressure gauge to assess it accurately.

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Ignorance about changing the oil

Oil is indeed the lifeblood of a vehicle, and the oil must be changed at regular intervals. If the car is favourably new, then the oil should be replaced after every 12,500 kilometres, and in an older car, it should be after every 5,000 kilometres covered. The reason behind this is that if old oil is kept for a very long time in the engine, then it changes into sludge over time and settles at the engine’s bottom. This eventually can cause harm to the overall engine functionalities.  It is not a complicated process to change the oil and takes little preparation. Still, if you are not confident enough, then take your car to the Skoda specialists, and they are the best ones to take care of all your Skoda servicing.

Failing to check the brakes

It is only a professional car mechanic who can inspect your brakes thoroughly and tell you if it is the time to change your brake pad or not.  It is essential if you ask for the advice of a mechanic about the health of the brakes from time to time. The possible issues that give you a hint on a future brake problem are the brakes being unresponsive, some vibration, a growling sound or a grinding. As you come across one among them, get your brakes tested.

One of the prime reasons why numerous people are nowadays willing to buy Audi is because these cars offer many benefits. It is one of the brands which focus on maximising customer service. The cars are recognised for their excellent performance and efficiency. Not only do they offer smooth engine and acceleration, advanced security and latest designs but also has customisable options. They provide the perfect blend of technology and safety features.

Though Audi cars have so much to offer, there are still a few people who have not bought them yet. This is primarily because they still have some common queries about servicing the car. The best professional who can answer all those is your Audi specialist. A majority of them have years of experience in the industry and are aware of the unique characteristics of every model of the brand.

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4 Common Queries About Audi Servicing Have Been Answered By Audi Specialists

  • “What Is Audi Maintenance Plan?”

What will be covered under your Audi maintenance plan is dependent on the Audi dealer you have approached. The best you can do is to take a look at the vehicle maintenance booklet. Generally, it covers the regularly scheduled maintenance services for one year. Some dealers even offer prepaid scheduled maintenance after the car has run 15000 kilometres or as recommended by the factory. How frequently you have to hire a mechanic for Audi servicing is dependent on which year your car model was made.


  • “Are Audi Cars Reliable?”

Audi is still now one of the top-ranked European brands according to Consumer Reports’ annual reliability rankings. It is more reliable than its German competitors. In fact, it is one of the few Volkswagen luxury brands which have improved greatly in the last few years. Audi cars have scored highly in terms of quality and design consistently with consumer surveys and reviews alike. As far as dependability is concerned, it is considered to be better than most.


  • “How Often Do They Require Oil Changes?”

Audi specialists generally suggest their customers to change the oil and filter once every year or after the car has run 15000 kms. There are even a few models which require oil changes after every 6 months or after the car has covered 8000 kms. Neither should you wait too long before draining the engine oil nor should you change it more often than required. If you are not quite sure about the duration, talk with your car specialist or go through the car manual.


  • “What Does The Audi Warranty Covers?”

The 2020 Audi Factory Warranty offers coverage on all their new cars, including SUVs. Your car will get coverage until it runs 50000 miles or for the first 4 years. Two additional perks of the warranty are 12-year limited Audi corrosion warranty and roadside assistance for a year. The manufacturer will take care of its components to keep them protected from wear and tear.

Since all your common queries about Audi servicing has been answered, make sure you approach an experienced car specialist before it’s too late.

Premium cars like Volkswagen need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. Taking your VW car for Volkswagen servicing regularly can help maintain the value and safety of your vehicle. During routine maintenance, VW specialists perform numerous tasks and prevent severe damage to your car.

Are you still not convinced why regular servicing so essential for a VW car? Read on.

Be it a Volkswagen Corrado, Passat or the Touareg, every VW car needs routine maintenance.A compelling reason to book your Volkswagen’s servicing on time is that it helps maintain your vehicle’s value. Without proper servicing, your premium car will be a lot more prone to serious problems in the future. Not only will this lead to costly repairs, but also affect your vehicle’s driving quality. Taking your car for repairs is thus essential for every Volkswagen owner.

Here’s all you need to know about servicing your VW car regularly.

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The Significance Of Taking Your VW Car For Volkswagen Servicing Regularly

Servicing a VW car is much more important than what most vehicle owners think. There are numerous electronic, mechanical and hydraulic systems in your vehicle which should work together optimally. This is essential because it gives the comfort, fuel efficiency and reliability which you are used to. Taking your Volkswagen for regular servicing can thus ensure that all components of your car are in working condition.

Can You Entrust You Volkswagen Cars To Specialists?

In 2003, the EU prohibited vehicle manufacturers from invalidating warranties if cars are serviced anywhere other than main dealership. This means it is no longer mandatory to take your Volkswagen to the dealer for servicing.

You can easily keep your VW car service book stamped and your warranty intact when approaching reliable Volkswagen specialists. Independent garages utilise almost the same equipment as dealerships. Mechanics are trained to VW standard and so you can have the assurance that your car is in safe hands.

However, keep in mind that you should never choose a garage only based on price. Choose specialists on the basis of their experience and knowledge with your make of VW car and customer service. Make sure the garage you are choosing has a proven record of offering quality VW servicing.

Choosing Genuine Volkswagen Parts

Be wary of service centres or garages which use sub-quality parts for servicing cars. This is because; most of these parts will not be as good as that of original VW parts. So, you must look for garages or specialists who will offer genuine and OE equivalent parts. Remember; OE equivalent VW parts are likely to last longer, thus helping you maintain the value of your car.

So what are you still thinking about? Quickly find reputable VW specialists and take your car for regular servicing!

Everyone buying a SEAT car can have complete peace of mind as the vehicle undergoes rigorous safety and quality checks before delivery. Driving the versatile car is not only a good experience but also looks appealing on the road. There are numerous SEAT specialists offering routine car maintenance.

Since SEAT cars have so much to offer, the number of people willing to buy a SEAT car has enhanced drastically in the last few years. They can choose from numerous car and models. Enhance your knowledge about them so that you can choose one with the best features within your budget.

Know The Common SEAT Models Before Approaching A Car Specialist

  • SEAT Ibiza

This car was manufactured by SEAT in 1984 and was the second car named after a Spanish city. It was produced under Volkswagen Group management. Driving this small car is a very pleasing experience. Though it looks very similar to Skoda and Audi, Ibiza has an advanced set of technologies and engines. The design has some neat details and a sharp surface. The LED front lights and rear lights make it look more powerful and grown-up.

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  • SEAT Ateca

If you have a stylish personality, the SEAT Ateca is the best car for you. It has a dynamic and distinctive touch which is preferred by almost all car-lovers. From design to technology, all are made to perfection. It is equipped with full link technology like mobile app syncing and wireless mobile charging. The safety features in SEAT Ateca are specially designed so that you can explore the road without any stress.


  • SEAT Toledo

This model is a more practical option for those who often travel with their family. The primary difference between SEAT Ibiza and SEAT Toledo is that the latter offers a lot of spaceand price is also reasonable. The conventional shape makes the car look traditional. It has a 550-litre boot so you don’t have to worry about space. The interior is sturdy and the controls logically laid-out. If any issue arises in your vehicle, just hire professionals offering SEAT servicing.


  • SEAT Cupra

The instinctive steering feature in SEAT Cupra makes it easier for drivers to place the car in fast corners. The suspension is comfortable and adjustable. The five-door hatchback form makes it a genuine family-friendly car. Irrespective of the specifications you are opting for, driving this car is always fun.  Almost all the experienced SEAT specialists know how to deal with the minor issues in a SEAT Cupra.


  • SEAT Leon

If the reliability, economy, running costs, safety and MPG of your car are your primary focus, SEAT Leon is a good choice. High-mileage users can opt for the diesel models while the rest can go for petrol cars. It offers excellent fuel economy and emits less CO2. Air conditioning,electrically operated and heated door mirrors, 16in alloy wheels, electric windows, metallic paint and cruise control are few of its unique features.

Since you are now aware of the common SEAT models, it’s time you buy one and service them at fixed intervals to ensure smooth performance.

The importance of wheel alignment can never be neglected as it ensures safe driving. Approach the right Volkswagen specialists for wheel alignment and extending the life of your tyres will become easier. Misaligned tyres can make your car vibrate, especially in the steering wheel. One of the primary reasons why you should get the work done by car specialists instead of trying a DIY is that even if you are aware of the term, you might not know the process thoroughly.

Professionals know how to make the tyres sit perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other. The alignment might go off base due to unexpected road conditions and potholes while you are driving. This can further lead to reduced fuel economy and poor handling. Make sure you get the tyres checked by professionals if you ever notice that your Volkswagen isn’t handling well.

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Few More Signs Your Volkswagen Needs Tyre Alignment

  • Car Changing Direction Suddenly

The easiest way to know that your tyres alignment is out of order is when the car starts changing direction randomly even when the steering wheel is straight. Car generally starts pulling or veering left or right because of faulty alignment. Few other reasons why this can happen are inappropriately inflated tyres or a suspension issue. Whatever is the reason behind the veering, get the tyres checked by Volkswagen specialists in Kingston without any delay.


  • Delayed Alignment Checking

Since proper wheel alignments allow for safer driving, make sure you take your Volkswagenfor servicing at fixed intervals. The alignment should be checked after your car has run 6000 miles according to the owner’s manuals or repair shop recommendation. The tyres suffer a lot of wear and tear after it has run for 6000 miles. There are even a few instances when the tyres hit some obstacle on the road which throws off the alignment with a jolt. If you feel that it has been a long time since the last alignment check, take your car to Volkswagen specialists.


  • Screeching Tires

Squealing or screeching tyres are other common signs indicating that your car needs a wheel alignment. The friction between the road and the tyres increases when the alignment becomes faulty as they start making contact with the road at an improper angle. This friction makes the tyres sequel. If you want to know whether the issue is because of bald tyres or an alignment problem, take your car to a renowned car repair shop offering Volkswagen servicing in Wimbledon.


  • Tire Wear

Inspecting the tyres on a regular basis is a must if you want to ensure your safety while driving. It will even become easier for you to recognise an alignment issue. Incorrect alignment can make the tyres wear out very quickly within the shortest span of time. The friction increases as the tyres aren’t perpendicular to the road which can damage them. Even if you can’t manage sufficient time, make sure you inspect them atleast once every week. This will save you from fateful situations like a blown tire and you can save money.

Since you are now aware of the common signs indicating that your Volkswagen needs tyre alignment, take your car to a repair shop before it’s too late.

Do you know that the exhaust system of your car is much more significant than you think? Well, the exhaust system is a crucial part of running any vehicle. And, once a vehicle starts experiencing exhaust issues, they must be identified and dealt with quickly. Wondering what these exhaust issues are and how to recognise them? Keep reading.

Your car’s exhaust system is the only medium of transferring poisonous gases produced by the engine. Additionally, the exhaust system cools down the engine, reduces noise created by the engine and cleans the air exiting tailpipes. If the issues in your exhaust system are not fixed in time, fumes can leak into the cabin. Since extended exposure to fumes can be detrimental to health, identifying and dealing with the issues quickly is essential.

Check out the handy guide below to learn how to recognise exhaust problems.  

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Useful Tips To Identify The Most Common Exhaust Issues In Your Vehicle 

  1. Use Your Nose To Smell Burning 

Even though carbon monoxide is odourless, other gases which come out of the tailpipe aren’t. If you notice any exhaust smell in the cabin, a leak is likely there somewhere. When you start to smell burning, the chances are that the gasket has failed. Anything made up of plastic may burn owing to the heat of exhaust gases, causing the smell. So, you should take your car to a reputed garage and get it checked by reliable Audi specialists in Wimbledon

  1. Listen For Odd & Strange Sounds 

If you find the engine of your car becoming overly noisy, consider it as the indication of an exhaust issue. It is safe to assume that something is wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust if you notice any rattling or thumping. Early identification is vital since it can be the difference between replacing a small part or the entire system.

  1. Watch Out For Signs While Driving Your Car 

There are certain signs which you can look for while driving your vehicle. Two common signs that you have a blocked off exhaust system are- reduced gas mileage and loss of performance. When the engine works harder to push the exhaust out of the cylinder, it has less power to give to the wheels. Also, blocked off exhausts can cause the vehicle to run hotter than usual.

  1. Inspect Mufflers 

Ensure the mufflers have no dents since dents can cause trouble with the airflow. Besides, the muffler is regarded as one of the most susceptible parts of getting damaged from rust. Even though surface rust is normal, rust which has penetrated inside is very harmful. So, you must opt for Seat Servicing in Wimbledon to get the muffler replaced or cleaned.

Time to get the ideal solution for your exhaust problem!


If you are driving at a speed of over 60 miles per hour and your car suddenly comes to a definite stop, it is an indication sign that the brakes require immediate attention. Whether you are using a SEAT, Audi or Skoda car, brakes are a very vital part of the vehicle. Car owners should always stay aware of the warning signs indicating that the brakes need servicing. Instead of waiting for the lights on the dashboard to appear, take your car to an experienced car specialist if you notice any of the signs stated below.

4 Common Signs Indicating That Your Car Brakes Need Servicing

  • Unusual Sound

Though brakes start emitting strange noises the moment they become faulty, car owners often fail to notice them amidst loud noises. The issue complicates with the passage of time and the brakes start generating high-pitched sequel sounds. You might hear a harsh grinding sound every time you are applying the brakes if the brake pad has worn out completely. It will damage the rotors and you will have difficulties stopping the car.

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  • Vibration

If you are trying to stop your SEAT car under general circumstances and notice that the brake pedal is vibrating, take your car to SEAT specialists in Wimbledon. It is an indication sign of warped rotors. Its surface strikes against the pads as it is uneven and the brake pedal vibrates. A common reason why rotors warp is when you put them under excess stress for a long period of time. The shape of the rotor changes because of the heat the car generates when you stop them frequently or drive down steep roads.

  • Pulling

If your Audi is randomly turning left or right while you are applying brakes or driving instead of following your commands, take your car to Audi specialists in Wimbledon. They will check the car’s brake system and let you know the reason behind it. This generally happens when a clipper is stuck inside the system. The car might also start making left or right turns if the brake hose has collapsed or the brake pads have become uneven. The callipers start moving unevenly every time you apply the brakes.

  • Worn Pads

The brake pads wear out with the passage of time and so it can’t stop or slow down your vehicle efficiently. This is why you should always get worn pads replaced by professionals offering Skoda servicing in Wimbledon without any delay. They will check the brake pads’ width and let you know whether they are in a good working condition. The spokes of the wheels are inspected minutely to check whether the shiny metal rotor inside it can be spotted. The pads are replaced if their thickness is less than a quarter an inch.

Since you are now aware of the common signs indicating that your car brakes need servicing, approach the right car specialist before it’s too late.

Picture this. You get stranded in the middle of the road because the headlight or brakes of your Skoda stop functioning. Sounds terrifying, isn’t it? Well, such kind of situations can occur to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Even though you call a mobile mechanic, why suffer when you can identify and fix the problem beforehand? Wondering how to do that? Opting for Skoda servicing in Surbiton is all you need to do.

Perhaps, your Skoda car is one of the most significant investments you have made in your life. Keeping the car in well-maintained condition is important for having complete peace of mind. Apart from mental satisfaction, a properly maintained vehicle also gives better efficiency and performance with reduced wear and tear. Qualified Skoda specialists can service your car with precision, helping you avoid breakdowns.

Check out why you should take your Skoda to the specialists regularly.

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4 Major Reasons To Opt For Reliable Skoda Servicing In Surbiton To Maintain Your Car

  1. Better Appearance

No matter whether you have a brand new Skoda or an outdated model, every car owner wants their vehicle to look the best and shine bright. Even though some go the DIY way, they don’t get any satisfactory result ultimately. However, you need not be hopeless since there’s an easy solution for you. To ensure your car has an outstanding appearance, you need to take your vehicle to the best Wimbledon Skoda specialists.

  1. Increased Re-Sale Value

Another major reason why you should seek professional car servicing regularly is high re-sale value. Do not be under the impression that taking your car to the experts just before selling the car will be enough. This is because; thick layers of dust require extra pressure and there’s a chance that the vehicle will get marks and scratch. This is because; it will decrease the re-sale value of your car. So, it is always better to get your car serviced regularly.

  1. Keep Paint Protected

It is usually said that human psychology and paint is closely connected. However, to a broad extent, paint reflects one’s personality. Be it the colour of your car, favourite dress or your house, you will always select the best colour and want it to shine like new even when it gets cold. So, it’s important for you to put effort. Scheduling professional cleaning will prevent damages, dirt as well as damages to other outer elements of your Skoda.

  1. Cleanliness

Parking the Skoda outside your home or driving it regularly means that lots of dust and dirt will blow under wheels, affecting other parts as well. While some get detached owing to vibration, others require special treatment. Not only will the exterior of your car be harmed, but also the brake, tyres and engine will be affected badly. Seeking the expert assistance of skilled specialists can thus be an informed decision.

So what are you still thinking of? Quickly approach reliable Skoda specialists and improve the lifespan of your car!

Owning a stylish SEAT car is a matter of great pride. There’s something about SEAT which makes it one of the most reliable vehicle brands. But, do you know that as a car owner you have certain responsibilities? Well, you need to take your vehicle to the reliable SEAT specialists in Wimbledon for regular servicing is very important to keep your car in great condition.

It goes without saying that driving your new SEAT car from the parking lot of the dealer can be a great feeling. However, the pleasure comes with certain responsibilities which owners should uphold and maintain the condition of your vehicle is one such duty. No matter how new or old your car is, getting it serviced from time to time is essential to keep it in good shape. Moreover, there are many benefits to getting your car serviced by professionals.

Here’re the major reasons why professional servicing is necessary for your SEAT car.

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4 Reasons To Take Your Vehicle To The SEAT Specialists In Wimbledon Regularly

  1. Great Expertise

Perhaps, this is the most compelling reason why most car owners prefer approaching specialists instead of DIY. When you opt for professional SEAT servicing in Wimbledon, you will see that the specialists have the skills to fix just about everything which can go wrong in your vehicle. By using their vast experience and knowledge, they can diagnose all kinds of potential problems beforehand, thus saving you from costly repairs.

  1. Better Fuel Efficiency

At a time when the world is fighting numerous environmental crisis, you must do everything you can to conserve fuel. This is the main reason why it’s important to ensure your vehicle is serviced on a regular basis. Ensuring you get the most out of every litre of fuel is a great thing for you too, considering how expensive fuel is in the present world. Taking your car to the specialists is thus important since they know what needs to be done for increasing your SEAT’s fuel efficiency.

  1. Enhanced Safety

With a rarely and poorly serviced vehicle is that you never know when a malfunction is going to take place. Getting your vehicle serviced by the specialists frequently is thus important to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Neglected cars have an increased risk of facing mishaps on the road and not every mishap is merciful. Taking your car to the SEAT specialists in Wimbledon from time to time is thus important.


  1. Extend Your Vehicle’s Life

Making the effort to take your SEAT car to the servicing specialists is very important if you want your vehicle to be of use to you for as long as possible. Professional servicing ensures the car is in the best possible shape. Experts ensure all components and oils are taken care of properly so that you can use your vehicle for the longest time without any kind of hassle.

So, don’t you think professional servicing is better than DIY? Book an appointment with reliable SEAT specialists and start benefitting from their services!

With summer in full swing, are you planning to embark on a road trip? Great! But, is your VW car ready for the long road tripping? Well, your car will provide the best efficiency and comfort only after a routine check-up and maintenance. Wondering how to get your vehicle summer ready? Fret not! Opting for Volkswagen servicing in Wimbledon is all you need to do.

Whether your plans include getting your adrenaline rush pumping with friends or spending quality time with family, you need to ensure your car is as ready for the summer. The temperature is very high during the summer season and driving long distances can take a huge toll. This can be more dangerous if your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is too bad to handle or the AC doesn’t work properly. Getting your VW car serviced by specialists is thus important.

Here’s how you can get your VW car ready for your summer road trip.

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Volkswagen Servicing In Wimbledon: 3 Tips To Take Care Of Your VW Car In Summer

  1. Check The Coolant Level

During the summer season, temperature can soar extremely high, leaving your vehicle in dismay. So, before going for a drive on a hot, humid day, checking the coolant level is important to ensure the coolant level is at the optimum. Take your car to Volkswagen specialists in Kingston to ensure your coolant is in proper working condition. By checking and filling the coolant, the experts will help your vehicle stay cool as well as prevent the engine from overheating.

  1. Replace Fuel And Air Filter

It is always advisable to change, replace or clean the fuel and air filters on a regular basis for the optimal performance of your VW car. This is important because the dirty filters in a vehicle can affect the efficiency of the AC and engine. Getting your vehicle serviced by the specialists is important because the technicians can tell you when to get the filters replaced.

  1. Inspect The Tires

When travelling on the road, your car will rely heavily on the pressure and force of the four tires to move ahead. Since air expands when exposed to high heat, your vehicle’s tires may be at the risk of over-inflation. So, it is always advisable to take your car for Volkswagen servicing in Surbiton to ensure your car tires do not blow out in the middle of the road. By using their years of expertise, the experts will inspect the tire pressure and service them accordingly.

No matter whether it’s a weekend getaway or a week-long trip, getting your car serviced is important before embarking on a road trip. So what are you still thinking about? Quickly opt for professional Volkswagen servicing in Wimbledon and get your car ready for an exhilarating road trip!