Dealer or VW specialists? This question often bothers the Volkswagen owner when they need to take their car for servicing and repairing. It is not a good idea to take your expensive cars to an ordinary garage for servicing. They are specially made high-value cars that need special treatments. Only the trained, certified, and authorised specialists should take care of your VW.

In this case, you have two choices. Either you need to get your car serviced by the authorised VW dealers or to the Volkswagen specialists. Both of these service providers are known for offering excellent services. However, taking the car to the VW specialists has some distinct advantages.

Why Choose VW Specialists over Dealers

Dedicated Service

The VW specialists have special training on the mechanism of VW vehicles. They are completely aware of the techniques and parts used in your VW car; irrespective to its model and make. This dedicated service is highly required to get the right treatment for your expensive car.

Personalised Services

These independent garages always offer personalised services that you can get in any dealer garage. So, it is a wise decision to take your car to a VW specialist instead of a dealer. You can enjoy customised services at a lower price as per your convenience.

Volkswagen Group Master Technicians

Convenient Services

Authorised specialists always take special care of their clients. They offer convenient service options like a collection of the car from your home or office and then delivery of the car at the same place as per your convenient time. You can even enjoy a comfortable waiting area at their service station and courtesy cars to reach to your destination after giving them the car for servicing.

Original Parts

These expensive and high-class cars have high-value parts as well. The use of duplicate or faulty parts will reduce their efficiency and damage the other components of the machine as well. The specialists always use the original and certified parts along with a proper warranty. This will give you mental peace.

Additional Services

At the specialist stores for VW or Audi cars, there are additional services offered for the esteemed clients. From car washing to getting extra car care tips – you can rely on these experts when it comes to getting the right service for your VW car.

Taking care of expensive and luxurious cars is not an easy job. The ordinary garage of your locality with some motor mechanics with average knowledge about cars cannot handle this job. You need specially trained professionals with in-depth knowledge about the mechanism and parts of these special cars. They can only understand what your VW or Audi really needs and how these things can be provided.

Vagtek is a team of Volkswagen Group Master Technicians who have more than 14 years of experience in this field. We are highly qualified, dedicated and efficient VW specialists. We offer different kinds of services for high-value cars like Volkswagen and Audi.

For detailed information, please get in touch with us.

One of the biggest questions that arise in everyone’s mind is the need for a full car servicing While the majority of the people are unsure what it exactly involves, the rest are too skeptical about the same. But several advantages come with servicing your car. The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the hidden perks of it.


What Exactly is a Car Service?


If you look into Skoda servicing, one would understand that there are mainly three different categories of car servicing. The main idea behind car servicing is to look for maintenance checks that can potentially prevent the car from breakdowns. That being said, it also makes sure that you get an overall seamless riding experience. Neither less to say, regularly has servicing your vehicle made sure that you can save a ton of money in the long run.

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Advantages of Getting a Full Car Service

According to all the Skoda specialists here is a list of some of the advantages that you can reap while getting a full car service:

  • Safety: The first and foremost aspect to look for while servicing your car is the added safety that comes with it. Driving a vehicle that has not been maintained for a while is unsafe and dangerous for you and everyone travelling with you.


  • Saves Money: if you want to keep your money in the long run, it is imperative to service your vehicle in a regular period. It can certainly save you from the trouble of paying hefty repairing bills that come with it.


  • Prolonged Lifespan: A full car service ensures that your vehicle lasts longer. For instance, without proper maintenance, the filters within the car can get blocked, leading to faster wear and tear.


  • Better Valuation of Your Car: Regular car services makes sure that you can get the right value for your car if you want to sell it. After all, who will buy a vehicle that lacks even the average performance and is all worn out.


  • Improved Car Performance: Replacing worn-out components from your car makes sure that it doesn’t put much strain on your car engine. That means you can get a better performance out of your vehicle.


What is the Cost of a Full Car Service?


Generally, the average cost of a full car service ranges to a considerable amount. But, at the same time, it also depends upon the various service providers along with the region you are currently residing. But, bear in mind, that a car service never includes repairing and replacement of any parts. That is charged separately.


As stated throughout the article, it is imperative to understand the significance of the full car service. Bear in mind, investing a few bucks regularly will always save you in the long run.


Cars are just like the human body. Like the human body, cars have parts that work effectively to keep the machine running. Therefore, like you, your car also needs regular care and maintenance. Apart from that, sometimes it needs special treatment as well. This is the time you should consider visiting your nearest garage or call the top auto mechanics of your locality for your car. For high-value cars like Skoda, you need trained and certified engineers. Thus, the demand for Skoda specialists is high all over the world, including the UK.

Shops providing special servicing and care for Skoda can offer you a wide range of services including some common repairs. Whether you need a repair after a road accident or looking for a regular car check-up; these experts can make your job easier and offer you complete car care services.

What Services They Offer

Scratch Repair

Scratch on the cars is common, but the sight is heart-breaking as well. Whether it is a road accident or a hailstorm; you need to repair the scratch on your Skoda as soon as possible. Vagtek offers MOT that includes scratch repair and full-body servicing of your Skoda as well.

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Dent Removal

Your car’s exterior should be in good condition to create a flawless impression on the viewers. Cars with dents and patches never impress the spectators. Hence, you should not ignore the matter of dent removal and talk to your nearest car body shop to get the right car servicing Kingston at an affordable cost.

Proper Diagnosis

At Vagtek, we offer a proper diagnosis of the issues your Skoda or VW have. Fault diagnosis is essential to get the right repairing job. If the fault cannot be understood, then the solution cannot be given. Our trained VW mechanics have vast knowledge about the mechanical and technical details of Skoda. Thus, they can easily recognise the problem and offer you the best solution for the same.

Complete Servicing

Your Skoda needs complete servicing at times. You should not ignore this to ensure the good health and long life of your car. Moreover, regular servicing of the car keeps all the parts active and efficient which reduce the chance of having accidents on roads due to poor car condition. We offer comprehensive Skoda servicing at a reasonable price.

Special Servicing

Apart from all these common servicing, we at Vagtek offers something more for our clients. We offer;

  • Air conditioning diagnosis, servicing and repair
  • Key coding and factory software updates
  • Diesel particulate filter issues
  • Engine re-mapping
  • MOT’s arranged and collected
  • Transmission rebuilds

With deep knowledge about Skoda cars, our experts can ensure the best performance of your vehicle for the longest possible time. We have more than 14 years of experience in this business.

To know more about our services, please feel free to get in touch with us.


If you have an Audi, then you already know that it’s a special car. Audis are famous all over the world for their sophisticated elegance. Lavish comfort and sporty styling are the qualities of the Audi. Also, Audi has an excellent reputation for creating superior vehicles. They are the finest in terms of performance and power as well. However, these qualities can make Audi a difficult to handle vehicle for some repair shops. The good thing is that there are mechanics specialised to work with expensive cars like Audi. So, it will help if you rely on your nearest Audi specialists when you are in need. Here you will find some reasons to trust your repair shop.


Experience Matters A lot

If you have any doubt about a local Audi repair shop when it comes to your Audi, then don’t overthink. A well-trained technician can identify any issues and repair them quickly. On the other hand, you can check the experience of an Audi repair shop before availing the service from them. The local Audi repair shops also have qualified technicians who are basically factory trained. Hence, you can surely get excellent quality services from your local Audi repair shops as you opt for one. The exciting part is that an Audi specialist in surrey might offer you some good discount for Audi repairing services, so don’t miss the chance.

Audi servicing centre

Guaranty Period

Many people still do not understand about the guaranty coverage. In case if you are also thinking an Audi, the dealer will check the guaranty period then you’re mistaken. Most Audi maintenance and repair services have an independent repair facility, even in your warranty period. Hence, you are not getting any free facility from your local repair shop. If you still have any query, then you can contact the local Audi servicing centre.


Good Service Experience

The local Audi repair shops are earnest enough to listen to and answer your questions. The technicians are very responsible for their duties. They put their best effort into understanding all your concerns and issues. They efficiently maintain timeliness as well. They take good care of your Audi. The repairs are done well to make sure that your Audi can provide you with the top performance because they always want the customers to return whenevera service is needed.


Latest Tools

When your Audi is not working correctly, then you should take your Audi to the nearest Audi repair shop. You don’t need to panic about your car because it is in safe and qualified hands. Undoubtedly, your local Audi shop will make your experience stress-free. The local shops also have the specialised tools and the technical equipment to handle all your service requirements well.If you want the best service, then you can trust your local repairs completely.


Car mechanics are the doctors of your vehicles. We all need to go to the doctors for a regular check-up, even if everything seems fine. Similarly, you should take your car; especially the luxurious ones to the automobile mechanics for full servicing and ensure that everything is in proper working order. For flawless full servicing, you need to look for Volkswagen specialists who have the skill, experience and license to do this job.

However, in most of the cases, the car owners become confused about the services they can obtain from their automobile mechanics when they are asked for full servicing. Here is a short idea about the services that you can get from your VW specialist.

Though the service depends on the type of the car you have, there are some standard servicing that every vehicle needs to be on a functional condition for an extended period.

Types of Full Servicing of Volkswagen

Basic or Interim Servicing 

As the very name suggests, this service includes the primary inspection of the parts of your car. This will naturally include Pollen filter change, an oil and filter change, and a visual inspection of the vehicle. The mechanics will check up to 50 principal components to ensure the functionality and safety of your car. However, sometimes it depends on the garage that what kind of Volkswagen servicing they offer when the car is there for the essential servicing.

vw specialist

Major Inspection Servicing

When you ask your VW specialist for major inspection, then he will add all the services covered in the basic servicing and something special. This can include a change of fuel filter, a replacement of air filter, a change of spark plugs and some other vital changes and inspections to ensure that all the internal and external parts of your VW are working correctly. They can even add some other services that are recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle to check the appropriate mileage.

What Would be There in Your Car Servicing Checklist

Before you take your car to the VW specialist Surrey, you need to prepare a checklist for the car servicing.

  • Oil and oil filter check
  • Replacement of oil
  • Battery check
  • Anti-Freeze coolant check and refill
  • Full brake check
  • Windscreen wash check and refill
  • Windscreen wipers check
  • Steering check
  • Shock absorbers check.
  • Suspension check
  • Light check
  • Charging systems check
  • Exhaust check
  • Tyre tread and pressure check

As the owner of a VW, you need to be careful about maintaining the car to enjoy its functionality. As per the manufacturers, the brake fluid should be changed after every 2 years. The air-conditioning re-gas should be done after every 2 years as well.

Only a certified, experienced and skilled VW specialist can tell you about this and offer you the best services which will give you mental peace.

Vagtek is your VW specialist in Surrey. We have proper skill and experience to handle such high-value cars whenever you need. We are available for the interim servicing as well as the major servicing to ensure the proper functionality and efficiency of your vehicle. Please contact us for more details.

Your SEAT is always unique to you, and so it deserves the right care when it comes to the schedule repair or service. The best way to ensure comprehensive care is to take your vehicle to one of the SEAT specialists. They know how to tender the particular vehicle with the most appropriate approach. At the same time, you will also have a smooth experience and a competitive solution to keep all your car servicing woos at bay. Here is a discussion on the importance of taking care of the underside of your SEAT and protect it from the permanent damages.

A vehicle’s underside is one of its most vulnerable parts and needs the best protection. Still, it remains as one of the most neglected elements in most of the cases. Stones and gravels can cause abrasion to the underside, and that proves to be dangerous for the vehicle. So, it is a must that you take adequate precautions to keep the part protected. Taking the car to a SEAT servicing centre at regular intervals will save you a great deal of money and make your car pay huge dividends.

Seat specialists in Kingston

Why does the Vehicle’s Underside need to be Protected?


Rust can hamper the life of a car to a great extent. It begins from the underside of the car and then slowly and steadily spreads to the chassis and the other parts. They leave fatal consequences for the vehicle and render it unsafe. This creates a long-lasting impact for car, making it a likelihood for it to fail the MOT due to this rust build-up.


Next, come up the risk of corrosion caused by the grits and liquids emitted by the vehicle. This eats through the metal and creates holes in the structure. Thus, the structure of the car weakens. So, the moment an acid attack is observed, the vehicle should be taken to be repaired to escape bitter consequences.

Bumps and Potholes

During winter the roads often remain in a poor state, so while driving it is most likely to come across more potholes and bumps on the road. They impact the framework underneath the vehicle to a great extent.

As you take your SEAT vehicle to a SEAT specialist like Vagtek, then they will inspect the car thoroughly and will offer you detailed guidance over the appropriate servicing approach. If all the pieces of advice are appropriately followed, then the vehicle passes the MOT for the year and will remain in good condition for an extended period.



Car technology is becoming highly advanced. As a result, the servicing need for different vehicles is increasing. They are becoming more complex than manufacturing itself.  The situation is tougher in the luxury car section. Audi is one of the premium cars everyone dreams to own. If you have it, then you should be careful about getting the right Audi specialists in Kingston and its neighbourhood. They will help you by deploying parts and equipment to help the car remain active and extend optimum performance.

When you possess a luxury car like Audi, then you require superior grade servicing. Thus, it will perform in the best way possible. There are several options to service your vehicle. An Audi specialist in Surrey would ensure you with the best service at an affordable price. Maintaining the car at regular intervals will keep it running like a new car for years.

audi specialist surrey

Your service book bearing a stamp from a reputed car servicing in Kingston will help fetch an excellent resale value. The service specialists offer services on par with the principal Audi dealer. The best part is that they provide the same level of service at a much more competitive price.

Why Audi needs a periodic service?

The vehicle bears a great deal of interconnected system, mechanical function, moving parts, electrical and hydraulic systems. They must work in absolute synchronisation. This will ensure optimum reliability and efficiency in terms of fuel, comfort, safety, and overall performance.Audi being a premium car, bears more complex mechanics, system, and features. So, better care needs to be taken to keep it in its best state. Therefore, periodic servicing is essential to maintain it in the best of health.

What all is included in the periodic service?

The periodic service constitutes various activities like topping-up fluids like coolant, engine oil, engine tuning, safety check-ups, software upgrade, replacing worn-out components, and test drive. This will make sure that every part of your car is working well. Every car model has a different service schedule. The schedule includes the kilometres driven or the time intervals in between services. Based on the schedule, the performance of the vehicle is checked. The schedules are designated as per the specific manufacturer, the model, the pattern of use, rate of wear and tear, the life of the different parts, and the safety essentials. If the particular schedule isn’t followed well, then, the vehicle might get prone to frequent breakdowns. An Audi specialist service centre will offer you with the perfect integration of affordable price, high quality, and convenience galore.

Choosing an Audi specialist service will allow you to enjoy a service quality equivalent to the servicing offered by a dealership at a reasonable price. You also get complete support and technical updates. The team of experienced and expert mechanics bear a warm, friendly attitude and make the service personalised to your specific need and schedule. They cater to all your requirements and design the best solution to fulfil them.

Often the car owners feel confused whether they should take their car to a local mechanic or find the authorized service centre for the same. One needs to consider various factors to end this dilemma regarding choosing the best option for car servicing in Kingston.

Both of these options have several pros and cons. You, as the owner of the car, need to compare them before determining the right place for your vehicle. Read below to understand how to select the best option.

Factors that You Must Consider

Type of the Car

Before you take any decision, look at your car. What car do you have? If it is a luxury car with a high price tag, then taking it to the local garage may be risky. Though these garages may have qualified and trained mechanics, but they may not have the experience of working on these expensive cars. On the other hand, the authorized servicing expert of Audi or VA has the right tools, parts and expertise to fix the issue in the car.

vw specialist surrey

Warranty Issue

When you still have a warranty for your car, then you should always take it to the authorized service centre. There you can obtain the best service for your vehicle without any cost. The servicing is free and reliable. Look for the best place for Volkswagen servicing in Kingston to get the most authentic service.

Use of the Latest Technologies

Most of the time, you can see the use of the latest technologies and tools in the authorized service centres. They use the best quality machines to inspect the vehicles and then diagnose the issues correctly. Unfortunately, a local mechanic may not have such equipment and will not be able to offer you such flawless service.

Good Resale Value

When you can show an excellent servicing history of your car to the potential buyer, then you can expect a high resale value for the same. In the case of premium cars like Audi or VA, the buyers of second-hand cars prefer to deal with the vehicles that are handled only by the highly-qualified mechanics in the authorized service centres. Hence, it would be better if you take your car to the Audi specialists instead of your local mechanic for yearly servicing.

Get Original Parts

The authorized service centres always offer you the original parts of the cars in case replacement is required. You may not get the original parts from the local garages. Driving the premium cars with duplicate or below-quality parts is not recommended. Hence, trusting the authorized service expert is the better option for you and your vehicle.

It is required to find the right authorized service centre as per your convenience in your area. Look for the most trusted and experienced service providers.

Vagtek has been offering their service for VA and Audi cars for the last 14 years. We are one of the most trusted authorized service centres for these premium brands. Our master technicians are ready to provide you with comprehensive services as per your needs.

A Volkswagen car indeed makes an outstanding choice.  Pleasing driving dynamics, upscale and comfortable interiors, and exquisite designs make each of the car models the owner’s pride and onlooker’s envy. So, once, you have your Volkswagen, you should be attentive towards the upkeep of the proud possession. So, availing Volkswagen servicing should be your prime concern. Indeed, it does not seem to be a very delightful activity always to take your car for servicing at regular intervals. Still, when it is as valuable as a Volkswagen, then the extra attention should not be so overbearing. The royal pride you carry while driving a Volkswagen make up for all the hassles you have undertaken to get it serviced.

If a car has gone too long without maintenance, then it loses out on its performance. This also makes you pay a high price in the long run. Here is a comprehensive list of the crucial preventive maintenance measures you must consider as an owner of a vehicle of Volkswagen make.

Top Six Preventive Maintenance Services for Your Vehicle

  1. Oil &Filter Change

The oil in the engine of your vehicle act as a lubricant for the moving parts preventing excessive frictions, or else the engine will get depleted very soon. The traditional standard for changing oil is after every 3,000 miles covered. Now, as you often go for synthetic oil, so you get a longer time frame between oil changes as these oil takes a long time to break down.

vw specialist surrey

  1. Tire Rotation

You must opt for tire rotations at regular intervals. All the tires never wear down at the same time. The front pair tends to wear down at a faster pace than the rear ones. The tire rotation exercise offers an opportunity to some tires to rest and other tires to pull their weight.

  1. Flushing the Brake Fluid

The hydraulic brake fluids transfer and amplify the force from your foot to the brake pedals. In case it picks up a lot of moisture, then most of its effectiveness will be lost. So, the old fluid must be drained and replaced with new concentration.

  1. Engine Air Filter Replacement

The engine should always be supplied with clean, fresh air. This helps in keeping the debris, rock, dirt, and dust away from the engine to prevent it from getting clogged. As, otherwise, the performance of the car gets diminished. So, it is vital to change the air filters regularly.

  1. Cabin Air Filter Replacement

It is an absolute essential to have the air conditioning work well while on the road. The cabin air filter plays an important role to keep the HVAC system work to its full potential. You also remain safe from all kinds of irritants like pollens, dust, dirt, other particles. When the filter gets clogged, then the performance is hampered, leading to a hot and stuffy cabin. So, it is important to change it at least once or twice in a year.

  1. Overall Inspection

A car is made of numerous parts including engine hoses, brake pads, and many other components. Slight damage in the minutest one can have a toll on the performance of the vehicle. So, every part of it must be checked by an experienced automobile service expert. This is referred to as a multi-point inspection. It is essential to ensure the good health of your car.

VAGTek is one of the trusted Volkswagen servicing facilities run by the qualified and trained technicians from Volkswagen. So, if you come across any problem with your vehicle, get in touch with them. It would be the perfect solution always.

Owning a Skoda is a matter of pride for every car owner. The car is very reliable and is often regarded as one of the most dependable cars. The Skoda Fabia though being a small car, offer excellent performance, is dependable and good to drive. If you are one of those people who think that Skoda Maintenance is expensive, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Hire the right Skoda specialists for car servicing and they will ensure that the service costs, consumables and replaceable spares are competitively priced. You can even save on expensive repairs by servicing it at the right time.

Looking For Skoda Car Servicing? The Common Queries Have Been Answered Below

  • “Who Should Service My Skoda?”

If you want your car servicing to be of the highest standards, make sure it is undertaken by factory trained technicians. It is an assurance that you will get the highest level of service. They are trained, certified and has the best possible knowledge of the vehicle they are servicing. Almost every reputed garage in the UK offering Skoda and SEAT servicing has the latest diagnostic equipment and specialised tools. You can have complete peace of mind when a finely tuned team of mechanics service your car.

Skoda specialists Wimbledon

  • “How Can I Replace The Faulty Parts?”

Negligence to replace the faulty car parts at the right time can compromise your safety. It is always advisable to replace the faulty car parts with Skoda genuine parts. Every reputed garage ensures that genuine parts are used, though they are generally a bit expensive than the local brands. Genuine parts are identical to the ones used when the car was manufactured. You can guarantee the safety, reliability and long life of your car by using genuine parts.

  • “Is Wheel Alignment Necessary During Car Servicing?”

If you are willing to drive your Skoda with complete peace of mind, include wheel alignment in your car servicing package. Wheels often bent out of shape on the road which can misalign the vehicle axis. The issue will worsen the driving conditions and your tyres will start wearing unevenly. The Skoda specialists at the servicing centre will test the condition of the wheels and let you know whether they require alignment. Wheel alignment reduces expensive auto repairs.

  • “What Are Service Packs?”

With a focus on making car servicing affordable, Skoda specialists are offering service packs at affordable prices. They are specially designed to make car servicing for Skoda owners. The services included under a specific service pack are well defined so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs. Professional car servicing also helps in increasing the resale value of your car so it is no doubt a good investment.  You can choose one of those service packs or ask them to customise one according to your car servicing needs.

Since your common queries about Skoda servicing have been answered, it’s time you take your car to a reliable professional offering the service at competitive prices.