5 Tips From Seat Specialists To Avoid Foggy Windows In Winter

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Are you sick of having your windshield fog up on the inside when it’s cold outside? Looking for effective ways to prevent your windows from fogging up? Well, windows which fog up can not only be annoying but also be very dangerous too. Wondering about the ways to ensure your windows are clear, regardless of the weather outside? Read on.

Experts believe that it is the temperature and moisture content of the air which is the reason for foggy windows. During the winter, any moisture in the air inside your car turns to condensations when it hits the air next to the windows below a certain temperature. On a humid day, the contrary happens when the sultry air outside the vehicle reaches the dew point against your glass after it gets cooled by the AC system.

Seeking advice from experts who specialise in Seat servicing in Kingston can help you avoid foggy windows. Check out the handy guide below to know more!

Seat specialists in Kingston

From Seat Specialists In Kingston: Tips To Prevent Windows From Fogging Up In Cold Weather

  1. Demist The Windscreen

There are times when the contrast between a warmer interior and the low temperature on the car exterior makes the windows mist. When you face this situation, consider turning the air conditioning on the high for some time and then point the vents towards the windscreen and window. In fact, you can run the heater and the AC as well as the windscreen wipers and demister on the rear window. This will clear the windows in minutes!

  1. Ensure Your Windows Are Clean

This is a known fact that dirty windows fog up much faster than the clean ones. This is because the dirt and dust on your windows and windscreen give condensation something to stick to. It even makes it difficult for the windscreen wipers to eradicate condensation from the car. Additionally, vehicle owners addicted to smoking should stop smoking inside their car since condensation loves sticking to the film of nicotine which coats the inside of your windows.

  1. Get Rid Of The Moisture

This seems obvious, isn’t it? The main reason why the inside of your windows gets smoggy is that there is moisture in your car which heats up slightly, creating airborne vapour. When this vapour tries to escape, it hits your windows and results in fog. So, ensure you clean up the ice, snow or water in your vehicle regularly. Also, consider getting the leaks fixed.

  1. Cold Vs. Warm Defrost Settings

Leading Seat specialists in Kingston are of the opinion that this can be an effective way to get warm. Letting the defrost run at a length on a warmer temperature can help in preventing mist in several cases. However, if your windows get foggy even when you haven’t run defrost, cold air is the way to go.

  1. Set The Ideal Driving Temperature

Setting an evenly distributed interior temperature can be the key to safe and comfortable driving. This provides a balanced heat distribution since half of the warm air comes out near your feet and cools down by the time it reaches your upper body and head. Setting an ideal driving temperature can thus keep you more alert at the wheel.

Time to ensure and enjoy safe and comfortable driving!

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