4 Summer Care Tips From Reliable Car Specialists In Wimbledon

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With the arrival of summer, the season of road trips is once again here. But, do you know preparing your car beforehand is important before hitting the road? Well, summer’s high temperature, flurries of dust and the infrequent rain can take a toll on your vehicle. Wondering how to prepare your car? Read on to check out a few simple summer car care tips shared by Audi specialists in Wimbledon.

Between the excessive wear and tear throughout the year and the scorching summer heat, every car owner should establish a proper summer maintenance schedule. No matter whether you own an Audi, a Volkswagen or a Skoda, creating a basic maintenance plan is important to keep your car in perfect condition. Moreover, with regular maintenance, you can keep your vehicle running smoothly, and even extend the lifespan of your car for the years to come.

Here’re a few useful tips to help you get started!

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From Trusted Specialists In Wimbledon: Top Tips For Summer Car Maintenance

  1. Double-Check The Fluid Levels

Seasonal weather changes can lead to low power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant as well as windshield wiper fluid, making it important for you to check them all. You need to keep a watchful eye, especially on the coolant fluid before the heat of the season. This is important because the greatest cause of car breakdowns in summer is overheating. Taking your VW car to Volkswagen specialists Wimbledon to perform these checks is thus important.

  1. Get Your Oil Filter Changed

When was the last time you changed the oil? If it was a while ago, consider getting it changed since intense weather of any kind can put additional pressure on your oil and oil filter.

While the oil keeps the engine lubricated, the filter captures harmful dirt debris, along with metal remains which have made their way into the oil system. A clean oil filter indicates more materials are picked up, more materials getting picked up indicate cleaner oil and cleaner oil indicates a happier engine!

  1. Evaluate Your Wheel Alignment

Do you find your car pulling to one side, the steering wheel vibrating or the steering wheel off-centred when driving straight? Consider getting your car’s wheel alignment checked by leading Audi specialists Wimbledon. Wheels can get misaligned by general wear and tear in addition to run-ins with potholes, curbs and rough roads. Proper wheel alignment can help in extending the life of your tires, making for a smoother ride and saving you from a few bucks on gas.

  1. Check & Monitor Your Tire Pressure

Your tires deserve a proper check-up between hitting hidden potholes and dealing with difficult road conditions. The truth is that depending on the outside temperature, tires gain or lose pressure daily. For example, tires typically lose a few pounds of air every month in cold weather. So, you need to ensure that your tires (including the spare)

are well-inflated before hitting the road for a summer road trip.

So what are you still here for? Approach Skoda specialists Wimbledon and get your car checked serviced to ensure it runs smoothly all throughout summer!


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