4 Essential Reasons to Take Care of the Chassis of Your Car

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The chassis or the underside of your vehicle is among the most important yet most underrated parts of the car. It holds up the entire frame of the car, but at the same time faces the most adversity among all the car parts. To prevent it from getting damaged, investing regularly in car servicing is a great idea.

Here are four reasons why you should protect the chassis of your car:

  1. Corrosion

The underside is continuously being bombarded with abrasive materials, stones, sand, gravels and other waste products from the street, and is in grave risk of natural depletion. All these can be extremely harmful to the chassis, and if not repaired in time, can cause permanent corrosion leading to complete replacement of parts. There is a higher rate of damage infliction during the winter season. That’s the reason you must keep your vehicles under cover or inside the garage to minimize the amount of harm.

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  1. Rust

Rust is deadly for any automobile. The underside is often in contact with water in general and ice in winter, which can create breeding grounds for extensive rusting. Once it starts under the car, rust tends to spread quickly and devastatingly, undermining your entire vehicle before you know. Hence it is of utmost importance to keep an eye on any growing rust patches underneath the car and repair it as soon as it shows up.

  1. Bad Roads

Not every destination you have to go to will have great roods with smooth ground clearance. There will be sudden bumps, cracks and potholes in many places you go, and so will unexpectedly high speed-breakers. No matter how careful a driver you are, one or two of them will hit the car in its belly. It always tends to get worse during winter. However, since both infrastructure and weather is beyond your control, taking proper and regular care of the chassis will prevent any damage from festering and turning worse. In any case, to avoid any mishap stepping from road conditions, it is suggested you drive slowly over speed bumps and circumvent potholes.

  1. MOT-readiness

This is a reason more for your convenience than your car’s benefit. The MOT test includes checking of the underside of your vehicle by the authorities, and if any significant wear and tear are noticed, you will be charged for its repairing and then pay for the retest again. So to keep your car from failing the next MOT, keep the chassis healthy and operational.

At Vagtek, you can find Audi and Volkswagen servicing solutions of an exceptional standard, as we are staffed with master technicians with in-depth knowledge and vast experience. If your car falls in that model group, make sure to get them serviced only with Volkswagen and Audi specialists to avoid unnecessary complications. Protecting the underside of your vehicle and spending on maintenance from time to time will be saving your time and money in the long-run, and also keep you and your ride out of trouble.

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