3 Mistakes to Avoid While Maintaining a Skoda Vehicle

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The cars from Skoda are fabulously crafted and engineered, but it needs considerable attention and a proper maintenance schedule for the complicated equipment and critical issues. These will ensure that your car runs smoothly and offer excellent fuel efficiency. It will also help you to maintain the value of the vehicle so that you can secure the best resale price.  Here are the three crucial mistakes put together, which you must avoid during the maintenance of the car or opting for car servicing.

Top 3 Mistakes Everyone Should Ignore While Planning a Maintenance Agenda for a Skoda Car

Missing out on checking the pressure of the car tyres

It is vital to check the car tyres ‘pressure at regular intervals. You must put a keen eye on examining if your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. A flat tyre can stand out to be a safety hazard. On the other hand, if the tyre is not correctly inflated, then it will cost you more fuel to run the car, and that would be undoubtedly heavy on your wallet. Check for the correct range of tyre pressures in the owner’s manual and then use a pressure gauge to assess it accurately.

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Ignorance about changing the oil

Oil is indeed the lifeblood of a vehicle, and the oil must be changed at regular intervals. If the car is favourably new, then the oil should be replaced after every 12,500 kilometres, and in an older car, it should be after every 5,000 kilometres covered. The reason behind this is that if old oil is kept for a very long time in the engine, then it changes into sludge over time and settles at the engine’s bottom. This eventually can cause harm to the overall engine functionalities.  It is not a complicated process to change the oil and takes little preparation. Still, if you are not confident enough, then take your car to the Skoda specialists, and they are the best ones to take care of all your Skoda servicing.

Failing to check the brakes

It is only a professional car mechanic who can inspect your brakes thoroughly and tell you if it is the time to change your brake pad or not.  It is essential if you ask for the advice of a mechanic about the health of the brakes from time to time. The possible issues that give you a hint on a future brake problem are the brakes being unresponsive, some vibration, a growling sound or a grinding. As you come across one among them, get your brakes tested.

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